Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feelings of a different "Nature"

Just when all the world is fighting turmoils, terrorist attacks, bomb blasts, political rivalries, presidential elections, and the world financial meltdown; I am seeking inner strength from nature and it's gifts. God lives in these bounties i feel and the sheer existence of pure nature is next to Godliness for me. I do not need a diety, nor the son of God or the unseen Almighty in whose name the pervert islamists kill innocent lives, and infants who are nature's gift to humanity. I pray to this creator of nature for my confessions, and ask for my family's well being. I ask for forgiveness of my sins - known and unknown; and I seek it's blessings in my own inner ways. It gives me solace and I find a connection with some thing super natural. This super natural strength gives me courage to fight set backs, and empower my hopes; it gives my hopes a soaring flight to unseen heights; and I see myself synonymous to nature and I revel in it's colours...!

Does God live in colors........???

Or does HE live in fountains, trees or the sky ...?

I don't know the abode of God, but I have strong feelings that he lives in places such as this sylvan horizon where the sky, the earth and river meet in golden solitude.
Does anything here brings to your mind the turmoils of urban life - presidential elections, terrorist attacks, bomb blasts, political dramas, election campaigns, road accidents, cold blooded murders, inequality or poverty and sufferings inflicted by man.