Friday, February 27, 2009

Cell Phone for A Buffalo...!!!!

Buffalo’s tummy (sp) rings surprise !

This happened in a small town of southern India. The cell phone usage in India is humungus ! A buffalo was taken aback when it heard a mobile ringing in its tummy. 7 missed calls were recorded in the cell phone that the buffalo swallowed. There were 7missed calls!
A Farmer lost his mobile near his cowshed on Monday. He suspected it may have fallen off his shirt pocket while he was cleaning the shed.
The mobile handset was packed in a plastic pouch and the buffalo had swallowed the pouch. The farmer forgot all about his phone. However, on Wednesday morning, he was surprised to find the pouch in the buffalo dung heap. The phone was not damaged as it had landed on the soft heap. What was more surprising was that the phone had recorded seven missed calls! No one knows what the callers heard. But the buffalo must have heard a ring every time a call was received. It must have wondered from where the moo-sic was coming....!!!


budh.aaah said...

Yeah hahaa that must've been some moo-sic. Funny heh

introspection said...

hi budh.aah
Thanks for visiting, and commenting...!

Pauline said...

this made me laugh out loud!

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Indrani said...

This is hilarious! :D
Amazing it was not damaged! Was it 'Nokia' make?! :)

Lilly said...

Moo-sic, how funny is that. And NO, I wouldn't have wanted the phone back again thank you very much!

introspection said...

Hi Indrani,

I guess it was a Nokia !! they have a reputation. Thanks for visiting. Pls also visit my new post 'Festival of Colours'. The presentation & colours are nowhere near your post by I hope to do better as I go along